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Services: Security Assessment

Identify What You Don't Know

The goal of every Mainstream Security Assessment is to identify and protect critical business systems, network infrastructure, and information by evaluating all aspects of the current information security posture.

Ignorance is no excuse when telling a client you’ve been the victim of a breach. That’s why thorough security assessments conducted by proven consultants are an essential part of business today.

Mainstream Security Assessment Services Mitigate Crucial Risk

Armed with the latest technologies and years of enterprise testing experience, our consultants study your network at every level to identify and analyze a range of vulnerabilities.

With each Mainstream assessment, you’ll receive in-depth analysis and documentation detailing your network’s critical security gaps and how to close them. From improving your firm’s established security controls to complying with regulatory mandates, Mainstream provides the essential support you need to make your network safe and secure.

Assessment offerings include:

Vulnerability scanning & Penetration Testing

  • Technical Vulnerability Identification/ /Exploitation
  • Social Engineering /Web application Attacks
  • Physical Security Assessment

 Wireless Assessments

  • Assessment of your wireless network architecture design
  • Identification of rogue wireless access points
  • Configuration analysis of wireless access architecture
  • Vulnerability Scanning and penetration testing
  • Management Controls Review

 Web Application Testing

  • In-depth test of your Web applications based on OWASP
  • Identify vulnerabilities, including zero-day threats
  • Software Infrastructure/Design Weaknesses
  • Input Validation Attacks
  • Cross Site Scripting Attacks/Script Injection Attacks (SQL Injection)
  • CGI Vulnerabilities/Password Cracking
  • User Privilege Elevation / Database Vulnerabilities

 Data Discovery and Mapping

  • Protect confidential by developing a detailed inventory of the file and database instances in which the confidential data exists and to whom it is available.
  • locate sensitive data within corporate environments with Mainstream’s PII Finder services which combine customized data scanning software with the experience of seasoned data discovery engineers.
  • Strengthen your security practice armed with detailed knowledge of your enterprise’s popular databases, file systems and application environments.

Social Engineering

  • “Black box” attempts to acquire usernames and passwords from unsuspecting employees via phone calls, emails, and personal interaction
  • “Phishing” exercises such as emails, texts and instant messages crafted to entice users to click on a link or document that could unleash a malicious attack
  • Use of disguise and impersonation to gain physical entrance to a guarded facility, thereby accessing crucial hardware and data
  • Planting of items such as flash drives on site to see if employees plug them into a computer and expose the entire network to malware that could exist on the drive.