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Pen Test Questionnaire

Pen Test Evaluation Form

Please answer the following questions to help our team meet your needs and expectations.
  • For example, is the driver for this to comply with an audit requirement, or are you seeking to proactively evaluate the security in your environment?
  • White Box can be best described as a test where specific information has been provided in order to focus the effort; this is typically a formal evaluation to test the security posture of the system(s) and focuses on focusing efforts in a holistic approach. Black Box can be best described as a test where no information is provided by the client and the approach is left entirely to the penetration tester (analyst) to determine a means for exploitation.
  • Please list below
  • Please check all that apply.
  • Please check all that apply.
  • Certain exploitation attempts of suspected vulnerabilities to determine/prove a weakness may impact production systems and/or cause it to become unavailable. While every effort is taken to prevent a Denial of Service (DoS) from occurring, MAINSTREAM SECURITY LLC is not liable for downtime caused by proving the system's weakness to attack..
  • Are key stakeholders (business owners) aware that the nature of a pen test is to attack the system as a motivated/hostile agent would in order to learn and prove the system's weakness?
  • Who is the technical point of contact, assuming this is not a covert (black box) test of the incident response function?